Mr. Blue Sky: A Tribute to Peter Iasillo Jr.




The Rocket Files #3: TV Party Tonight!-Charles Rocket, Heavy Metal Accordion & More!


The Rocket Files #2:




The Rocket Files #1: Welcome to Charles


Happy New Year &

Mondo News!

January 2019



Holy Cats & Superheroes: A Tribute to Jim Hendricks

March 2018


Mondo Fever Dream: Doris Wishman's previously lost film, The Prince & the Nature Girl

January 2018



No Man is an Island: Bill Ward's debut album Ward One: Along the Way

November 2017



The Blood in the Jazz

Emilio Vieyra's 

Placer Sangriento

March 2017


Wine Soaked Nights & Reverse Halos: Barbara Payton's I Am Not Ashamed

September 2016



Ladies & Gentlemen, How Do?: Wes Orshoski's Documentary, The Damned: Don't You Wish That We Were Dead

August 2016



All Things are Better in

Hindsight: An 

Interview with Howie Gordon aka
"The Ghost of Richard


July 2016


Rock & Roll Exorcism, Kayfabe & Familia Discordia:
An Interview with Writer, Musician & Supernaut Mike Edison

June 2016






Nymphomania gone awry! This & more are tackled when Mike White, Rod Lott, & myself discuss Armando Bo's lusty 1969 film, FUEGO! Only on The Projection Booth. 


Noir-dysfunction & the flaw of memory are explored when I tackle my favorite scene from Cecil Howard's Firestorm 3. Over at Diabolique


Inseminato! Talking about Marco Ferreri's incredible 1969 film, SEED OF MAN with the great Mike White & fabulous Kat Ellinger for The Projection Booth!




Hey, you white punks on dope! Episode 3 of The Tubes mini-series up! Darted in Your Armchair: The Tubes star in Ma Vie en Fumer is up at Diabolique! 

The dangers of rock romanticism, Peter Ivers, & the Sad Vacation saga of Sid & Nancy are explored and Diabolique!




Revisit the age of the Suburban Grindhouses with my new interview with author & overall swell guy, Nick Cato! At Diabolique!




My paean to the outre feminist heroes in cheesecake, cult, & exploitation is live over at Diabolique. It's an Ode to the Amazons. 




Dark-hearted, drive-in classic, Hitchhike to Hell is getting released via Arrow & features my first pressing only booklet on the film! Check it out. 




Hell's Belles are back & we are talking about our 2019 King of Samhain, the hotter than hades Tom Atkins, pumpkins, & the lack of testicular gravitas in Hollywood actors today. 




Kat Ellinger & I have a commentary track for Arrow's release of the arthouse-meets-grindhouse sad-eyed gem, Toys are Not for Children. For more info, click here. 




The second episode of my Tubes miniseries, Darted in Your Armchair is live! It's Young & Rich time. Over at Diabolique.




Orlando haunts, childhood misses, acting, & even romance is touched upon Floridian Grand Guignol: A Look back on Terror on Church Sreet. At Diabolique




I was lucky enough to interview one of my favorite actors, the inimitable Jeffrey Combs and chat with him about Edgar Allan Poe, Acting, & Halloween! Over at Diabolique!




The more things explored with Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain: A Tale of Censorship, Video Games, Guns, & Egyptian Royalty




It's Bawdy, Brash, & Full of the Best Ballyhoo time as I explore Frank Henenlotter's superb documentary, THAT'S SEXPLOITATION.




I paid tribute to one of cinema's best gifts in the form of Rutger Hauer at Diabolique.




Music Video History Continues w/the newest Picture Music! Cabaret Volatire's video for "Don't Argue" at Diabolique




Part one of my The Tubes miniseries is live!-Darted in Your Armchair: The Tubes in What Do You Want From Life?

over at Diabolique!




God is a River & Man is Nowhere: Taking Tiger Mountain Revisited

over at Diabolique!




For the Love that Album podcast, Maurice & I pay tribute to The Kinks masterpiece, Lola vs The Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One.




Kat Ellinger, Mike White, & Myself talk about Daughters of Darkness at The Project Booth!




The Devil With the Devil Says I: Old Scratch in Early American Modern Music 





Teenage Blues Triptych: Blue Summer, Pom Pom Girls & Last American Virgin



















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