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Going on a Radiation Vacation: DR CALIGARI on Blu Ray!

Having a bad week? Day? Month? Years? The human condition rattling your bones a little too hard?

Never fear, because Mondo Macabro has the balm for all that will even think about trying to ail you.

Finally, after being unavailable on disc (save for a quasi-legal & bare bones DVD) for years, Stephen Sayadian's surrealist-post-nuclear-cult film, DR CALIGARI is coming out on glorious Blu Ray!

This film has not looked this good since its theatrical run back in 1989! On top of that, the card is stacked with supplemental material! On top of interviews with writer Jerry Stahl, our Mrs. Van Houten herself Laura Albert, and the lovely titular doctor, Madeleine Reynal, we get a director's commentary with Stephen Sayadian. If you have ever seen an interview with the man or have had the blessed luck of speaking with him, you know that he is a fantastic storyteller, so this is going to be a must have.

Also, the first 2,000 copies come with a beautiful slipcover and an booklet essay by yours truly!

Get 'em while they're hot!


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