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April-May Showers Bring Podcastin' Flowers

If one was to program a podcast series in honor of the Spring season, they might be tempted to discuss the technicolor jubliance of Stanley Donen's 1952 musical classic Singing in the Rain or the bloom-filled darkness of Ari Aster's Midsommar (2019), for example.

Did I talk about either film this season? No. In fact, I still have not seen Midsommar, but I have seen Burt Kennedy's 1976 adaptation of Jim Thompson's disturbing literary masterpiece The Killer Inside me. Myself, the always wonderful Cullen Gallagher, and my sibling from another nibling (!?)/host extraordinaire Chris Stachiw, talk about this underrated and woefully out-of-print gem for, what else, The Kulturecast!

It's hard to beat the combination of Stacy Keach and Susan Tyrell, but if any other power on-screen couple can equal them, then it's gotta be Joan Crawford and THE MAN, Sterling Hayden in Nicholas Ray's 1954 Johnny Guitar.

The always great Spencer Seams invited me to talk about this Hollywood classic along with the cool and very insightful Jessica Crets over on the Dark Habits podcast.

From proto-feminist westerns to the music that makes the moving images shimmy and shake, over at Noise Junkies, Father Malone, HP, and myself discussed all manners of film soundtracks. From tunes to diagetic and scores to songs, we get to the meat of the matter and learn something new along the way.

Last but oh so not least is Anthony King's fantastic tribute to Danny Peary's essential Cult Movies books with The Cult Movies Podcast!

This time around, Cult Movies host with the most, Anthony King, had the brilliant Rachel Doughty McPadden and myself on to talk about not only one of the biggest midnight movies ever, but one of the most infamous cult films ever, with John Waters 1972 film, Pink Flamingos. This film is huge for me on so many levels, so it was an especially a joy getting to revel about it with Rachel (whom, btw, is working on THE definitive biography on post-punk/cult American musician Robert Hazard) and Anthony. Listen and become more attune to your own inner filth!

Keep an eye out on this space for the future, since coming up soon will include chats about Neil Young/Devo collaborations, French aristocratic shenanigans, sad-hearted serial killers, and more!


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