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Love That Album Podcast 10th Anniversary a Go-Go!

One of the biggest and best perks of podcasting is the rich art of connection. It's like that one really long "begat" section in the Bible but infinitely more interesting and rewarding! (As devilish lightning crashes behind me!) I got to work and become friends with the great Maurice Bursztynski when we cohosted for our captain Mike White for the Charley Varrick episode of The Projection Booth.

Since then, Maurice has been kind enough to have me on his own show, Love That Album, a number of times. Like Mike, he's a great guy who does consistently great work. So when he asked me if I would like to appear in part of the 10th Anniversary special of Love That Album, it was a total no brainer to say hell yes! Plus, it gave me the chance to rave about both Shriekback and the world's greatest rock band, The Fleshtones. Both bands are near and dear to my heart and whose latter day work is even better than the already solid as a rock albums from the 1980s.

Listen, love, and celebrate both a great host and show!

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