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Wake Up Heavy Podcast: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

There are two things that surpass even the strongest chemical intoxicant high: great conversation & art. This is one of the key reasons why when podcasts are organic and feature a conversation that flows freely like fine wine, people get hooked. Hell, EVERYONE gets hooked! Listeners, hosts, and guests hosts alike!

This is precisely what happened recently when I was invited to appear on the excellent WAKE UP HEAVY podcast, hosted by the incredibly genial and supersmart Mark Begley, as part of his three-episode "Ormsby-a-thon" celebrating the works of Alan Ormsby and Bob Clark. The installment I am lucky enough to guest on is for one of my most cherished horror films ever, 1972's Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. Even better is that the other host alongside me is Mike White, of The Projection Booth and Cashiers du Cinemart fame! These are two are guys I would help move furniture for, so you know the quality is high.

There is much to love here, including the musical score, the fascinating group of characters, the dangers of theater people, and, of course, Alan Ormsby's triple threat of creating the captivating and eerie makeup work, executing an ultra-charismatic performance as our lead villain of the same name, and his heart-stopping stripey pants. Come and listen, brothers and sisters, and celebrate with Mark, Mike, and myself this truly fun film!


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