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The Summer of Rollin Begins!

While the summer rages in some of the most heinous ways imaginable, it's important to reclaim a little joy, magic, and even a sense of the fantastique for ourselves. I can't think of a finer auteur to act as our guide, creator, poet, painter, and magician than the late & eternally great Jean Rollin.

The celebration begins with my article, The Cinematic World of Jean Rollin over at Arrow Films' Blog!

Over at the Movies From Hell podcast, Bradley J. Kornish and Daniel Pullen (two of the finest gents you will ever have the best luck to know!), had me guest with them on the first of a small handful of episodes dedicated to Rollin and his films.

Also, they are the ones that coined "The Summer of Rollin," because they are just that fantastic!

Speaking of Movies from Hell, I recently penned this article that delves into a trio of films that I feel are spiritual kin to the world of Rollin.

And in the most exciting news, Kat Ellinger and Dima Balllin's new documentary on Rollin, Orchestrator of Storms: The Fantastique World of Jean Rollin, will be premiering at this year's Fantasia Fest!

To say that I am proud and stoked for Kat (my Hell's Belles sister!) and Dima is a severe understatement! This is going to be epic and Rollin is the finest hands with this duo.

There will be more to come in honor this extraordinary man and artist. Viva la Rollin!


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