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P is for Patreon-Mondo Style!

2021 has been a strange year. Granted, I think I say that about EVERY year, but still, the statement stands complete with funny little legs and clown shoes. (Don't make eye contact's got a mean streak and a flame thrower.) Something I have thought about doing, off and on, for the past few years was starting my own Patreon.

It seemed like a far away thing and frankly, a little scary, but fortune does indeed favor the bold, so I have pulled the trigger and have officially started my new Patreon!

Behind the green door, you'll find sneak peeks, articles-a-go-go, weird soda reviews, sexploitation, obscure music, random video reviews, mondo memories, and so much more! If the spirit moves you, please check it out.

Regardless, stay safe, be gentle to yourself, and take no guff!

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