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Movies From Hell: Dewey Webb, Cinesirens, Birthdays, & Groovy Boys

Statements like "'s a small world..." can seem trite, cliche, and invoking old-timey Disney rides. However, some things are cliche because there is that seed of truth nestled underneath the hokeyiest of candy coating. If you read my recent tribute on one of cinema and overall cool-culture's most underrated writer, Dewey Webb, you know that the man's work touched me in those oh so volatile teen years. Who would have known that years later, not only would I get to connect with the ultra-smart, uber-talented, and charismatic-o-rama hosts of the great Movies from Hell podcast, Bradley J. Kornish and Dan Pullen, but also forge an even newer friendship with one Andrea Canales!

Andrea is one of those people whose fun demeanor and effortless humor is so brilliantly mixed with a keen intelligent and so much crazy movie programming experience! So, when Bradley pitched the idea to Dan and myself about doing an episode around Dewey, I knew there was one guest host we had to have on. Andrea not only knew the man, but is just so balls out cool, that it was a no brainer! Even better is that I got to spend my birthday evening with these cool cats and even some special surprise guests! Between getting to celebrate a writer that's such a huge part of my literary heart and be in the virtual presence of such glorious folk, it's going to be hard to best this one-of-a-kind birthday experience next year. (But you know I'm gonna try like hades!) I'm lucky to have such truly interstellar creatives like Bradley, Dan, Andrea, and not to mention our surprise guests, as not only peers but as friends. Plus anyone that can both put up with and indulge my nonsense is a saint on this fiery plane!

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May 24, 2022

Heather, thank you for the referral to Dewey Webb.

But I must alert you that (if you did not already notice); since you do appear on the <b>Projection Booth</b> podcast; do not let Mike White read Dewey's review of "Black Shampoo" lest you never get another invitation. 😉

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