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March 2022 Updated-The Rockabilly Music Video Verne Langdon Edition

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Spring is almost a-sprunging, which means we are more than overdue for a little Mondo-update! On the podcasting front, I have had the good fortune to get to appear on not one but two amazing podcasts recently!

After being absent for a few months, I got to return to the almighty Projection Booth! Our captain, as always, was the inimitable Mike White and joining me on guest co-host duties is my super-bud and host of the equally great Cult Movies Podcast, Anthony King. Together, we talked about what is one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME, Johnny Legend's rockabilly-nutzoid-surrrealist-comedy-in-adults-only-(non)clothes, 1977's TEENAGE CRUISERS. Take a listen and say hi to Babsy Beaudine when you get a chance.

I also got to make a return appearance on one of my favorites of the favorites, Movies from Hell. Hosted by Bradley J. Kornish and Dan Pullen, two wondrous gents who always bring the brains AND the rocket-fire wit no matter what the subject matter. I somehow managed to convince them to do a special edition episode, titled Music from Hell, where we would talk about an assortment of older music videos. (Me being the music video pseudo-historian that I am!) We talked for almost three hours, if not a little over that and could have gone on even longer if it wasn't for pesky things like life and day jobs and sleep. I love this episode and hope you do too!

Now for some truly monumental news...a huge labor of love has surfaced! In my first appearance in Rue Morgue Magazine, my feature article on the art and music of Verne Langdon is in the current issue! My little valentine to the man, and really everyone should have some big love for Verne in their heart and souls, is actually on newsstands! Wowsa! Not bad, right? I hope everyone enjoys it and seeks out the rich tapestry that is the multitudes of magic of Verne Langdon.


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