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Juicedogs & Post-Nuke Thrills: Stephen Sayadian Discussion at The Director's Club

From the inner spheres to the outer limits, film lovers are blessed with a multitude of true blue auteurs to learn from and revel about. In such a gloriously motley and beautiful crew is a man whose work eternally remains unparalleled and steadfastly brilliant: Stephen Sayadian.

Lucky ducky that is myself, I was invited by the wonderful Bill Ackerman, who is getting to guest-curate and host some episodes of Jim Laczkowski's Director's Club podcast, along with the beautifully sharp Justine Peres Smith, to talk about Sayadian and his work. Anyone that has been following my own work for the past several years, knows about my love for this subject, so getting to talk about the man and his art is always an instant joy. Even better was getting to talk about him with such brilliant minds like Ackerman & Smith.

Listen, learn, and love this episode. It beats V-8!


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