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Hell’s Belles Halloween Film Madness!

The always wonderful Kat Ellinger and myself are back! Celebrate Halloween...Hell's Belles style with some of our favorite films for the season!

"As the veil between the living and the dead thins, the crisp Fall air whistles news most exciting down the wind….the Belles are back! That’s right. Your favorite Hell’s Belles and twin cultural libertines, Kat Ellinger and Heather Drain, have returned! This time, they are grabbing a lit jack-o-lantern to guide you along a most delightfully spooky path of their top ten favorite films to usher in the holiday that lives large and proud in everyone’s macabre little hearts…Halloween!

Let Kat and Heather usher you into cinematic realms with witches of various stripes, mad scientists, heavy metal music videos, beer swilling puppeteers, Linnea Quigley’s panties, pentagram butt tattoos, the seductiveness of Tom Noonan, cockerynths, lycanthropy, aggro punks, Bauhaus, and pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins!

Every day is indeed Halloween when you’re with the Hell’s Belles!"

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