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Happy New Year & Mondo News!

Greetings and Happy 2019!

It's been a stone-age since I have last added new content to this site, as you may or may not have noticed. Between the last update and now, I have appeared on a few episodes of The Projection Booth, including discussing John Houston's FAT CITY and Chuck Vincent's ROOMMATES, was on two episodes of Maurice Bursztynski's Love That Album podcast, I talked about heavy metal and SPINAL Tap with my favorite writer-editor-person-podcasting sister, Kat Ellinger on our show, Hell's Belles, and wrote several articles for Diabolique on topics ranging from Vampire Music to KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK and healing depression via music. 2018 was a good if a bit of a myriad of a year, which is not necessarily a bad thing but that said, ushering in this new year is exciting.

There are some exciting projects upon the horizon, including writing for the debut issue of Jeremy Richey's (of Art Decades and Moon in the Gutter blog fame) Soledad magazine, contributing to Mike McPadden's upcoming tome dedicated to the wild and woolly world of teen sex comedies, entitled TEEN MOVIE HELL, and, at last, the arrival of John Skipp and I's book, THE BIZARRO ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FILM VOLUME ONE. Of course, work continues on the book about filmmaker/artist extraordinaire Stephen Sayadian's work too. There are some other projects and sundries, but I'll speak more on those when they get closer to the surface.

One thing I will be doing over here at Mondo Heather is a new feature tentatively entitled, The Rocket Files, which will be delving into the assorted work of the late and eternally great actor, Charles Rocket. This will be a massive labor of love for me, having been inspired by the man since my teens and continually upset over the lack of proper coverage and insight into his legacy. There was so much more to him than "...that one guy who got fired for saying the f-word on SNL..." and I want to hopefully right some wrongs and shed some light on the multitudes of talent and verve that was Charles Rocket.

I will also try to be better at providing other new content here as well. Anyways, if you're reading this, you are wonderful and very much appreciated.

Now, take zero chaff, especially from the chaff, be good to yourself, and never ever be a dick.

Onward and ho, 2019!

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