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Greetings from the Hinterlands! As many of us in North America are getting more and more sludged into the swells of Summer, only a cool glass of updates can possibly soothe this heat.

For those of you who love the edges of film where arthouse, sleaze-house and the underground, legendary distributor, Cult Epics, are celebrating their 25 years of releasing some of the best fringe cinema with a hardcover book entitled CULT EPICS: COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO CULT CINEMA. Pre-orders are available at this link. Within, there will be interviews with filmmakers as well as essays on films by artists like Tinto Brass, Rene Daalder, Irving Klaw and many more! Three of my pieces will be featured , including my write-ups of PIG, 1334 and SIN. Please check it out!

Speaking of exciting tomes delving into the delirious nooks, crannies and shadows of cult film, the first volume of the BIZARRO FILM ENCYCLOPEDIA has wrapped completion. Written with legendary author, musician, filmmaker and one of the godfathers of two literary movements (Splatterpunk and Bizarro) John Skipp, we are creating something that goes beyond your standard encyclopedia style film book format.

With the BIZARRO FILM ENCYCLOPEDIA, we dive into titles ranging from established cult classics (BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, FORBIDDEN ZONE), arthouse fringe (CAFE FLESH, LA BETE), new wave of horror and science-fiction (IT FOLLOWS, NEON DEMON, BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW, LOVE WITCH), unbridled rushes into the seamier side of American cinema (Michael & Roberta Findlay's FLESH TRILOGY, Alex DeRenzy's PRETTY PEACHES Trilogy) and many, many more. It's a celebration of the directors and films that have bucked against the traditional way.

We are aiming for a release date this Fall, cross your fingers and I'll will put any and all updates over here and through my social media pages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

While things were slow on the article front the past few months, I was lucky enough to make several appearances on The Projection Booth podcast. Mike White is the absolute host with the most and the array of guest co-hosts he assembles are always a blast to get to talk with. Some of the episodes I have gotten to guest on include the troubled teen classic OVER THE EDGE (1979), Andrzej Zulawski's science-fiction masterpiece ON THE SILVER GLOVE (1988), Larry Revene's cute classic adult comedy, WANDA WHIPS WALL STREET (1982), William Peter Blatty's incredible THE NINTH CONFIGURATION (1980), the Gene Simmons-in-drag-epic NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE (1986) and more! Please check it out any of these if you get a chance.

Now take care of yourselves and remember, the sun never sets on those who ride into it.

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