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Goodbye to the Starman

"With love, there is no death." If this is true, then David Bowie is alive and well because there are few artists more beloved than this man. I have not known a life without this man's thumbprint. Whether it was me as a little girl obsessing over "Let's Dance" and daydreaming that I too had a little baby brother that I could sell and become the Goblin Queen (one of many reasons why my mother probably never had any other children!), buying a copy of "Diamond Dogs" at a truck stop near Conway, AR during a field trip for a debate tournament, having the Berlin-era albums act like beacons of life that yes there's a whole world of strange beauty to look forward to and even recently, with being wholly moved by the final, monumental act of love and apparently goodbye with "Black Star," Bowie was and forever is, a massive part of my life.

We can cry into the dirt, as I surely have been too, but while we are down there, let's not forget to plant something. Art and love and connection is all a part of creation. Bowie obviously knew that and the best thing we could ever do is just that. Be fearless with your love, with your art and with your life. This ride is short but we're not just in the driver's seat for ourselves, so let's make this count. For our heroes, for our loved ones and for ourselves. Love you all and I love you, David Bowie. Thank your for changing the game and our lives too.

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