Raised with a film book in her hands, Heather Drain has been captivated by the language of cinema since day one. Born and raised in Arkansas, she went from writing Leonard Maltin styled reviews of titles ranging from CEMETERY HIGH to WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN in the fifth grade to writing for publications like Video Watchdog, The Exploitation Journal, Lunchmeat, Art Decades, Cashiers du Cinemart, Screem and The Little Rock Free Press several years later. She has also been a contributor to Dangerous Minds, DiaboliqueThe Rialto Report, Paracinema, Cinema Head Cheese, Cultcuts and, on occasion, as a guest writer, over at both Rupert Pupkin Speaks and Turner Classic's Movie Morlocks blog. She lives with her painter/writer husband, C.F. Roberts and their two wonderful and semi-surly rescue cats, Ziggy and Tallulah.



This site is an extension of everything I try to do as a writer. It is all about celebrating film, music and culture in general that is wild, unloved, the misfit elf, fringe and overall, the strange aesthetic. This ranges from “respected” art and foreign films to back room treasures to the album that may have gotten overlooked in the old dustbin and beyond. The goal is not nostalgia but instead, to preserve the worthy that have been overlooked in the past and plant the right seeds for the future. We're all in this together so let's jump in the car and ride the cultural mindway.

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