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Greetings and Happy 2019!

It's been a stone-age since I have last added new content to this site, as you may or may not have noticed. Between the last update and now, I have appeared on a few episodes of The Projection Booth, including discussing John Houston's FAT CIT...


Adventure and warmth. What are your first memories of such a twin combo? For me and many-a-folk, it comes in the form of Commander USA. As someone who grew up never being really moved by comic book heroes, Commander USA was a bit different for me! There was always a wi...


A movie can often be a magical tool to transport you to a multitude of worlds and alternate realms. Lands with braggadocios knights, golden-eyed monsters, she-devils, and heroic amazons can all be displayed in front of your willing eyes. When you sit down to watch a Do...


Greetings from the Hinterlands! As many of us in North America are getting more and more sludged into the swells of Summer, only a cool glass of updates can possibly soothe this heat.

For those of you who love the edges of film where arthouse, sleaze-house and the under...


 “When you're all alone, what do you want to do? 
Do you want to die or is it the strangeness in me?”
-The Cramps 

The melancholia of a murderer is a theme that has often been borderline taboo for writers and filmmakers alike to explore. Broad strokes of a cold-he...

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