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Memoirs are the trickiest type of biography. There are reasons why many have co-writers (whether acknowledged or absent in pseudo-spectral form), because the gift of self-objectivity is more rare than precious stones or dignity at a Branson stage show. Fun, insightful...


There are writers. There are musicians. There are Renaissance Men and then there's Mike Edison. A scribe and editor for magazines like High Times, Screw, Hustler & Spin, Edison first came upon my periphery with his must-read tome, Dirty! Dirty! Dirty! - Of Playboys, Pi...


There has always been a certain appeal about the Outlaw. The elements of violence and crime appeal to our baser human nature while the anti-establishment and anti-authoritarian aspects play to anyone with an individual’s spirit. Americans and Australians are two countr...


In the backwoods of America, many a secret is held. Nestled in the woods, desert landscapes, the brick and wood of farms, homes and businesses, lies the spilled blood and tears of such secrets. This is often the rich soil that many a good rural horror story or film hav...



The art of the power play and what levels one is willing to sink to sell their soul, or at the very least, their sense of moral self, is something that has plagued our species from the very beginning. It is entrenched in the darker side of the human condition, to the...



"With love, there is no death." If this is true, then David Bowie is alive and well because there are few artists more beloved than this man. I have not known a life without this man's thumbprint. Whether it was me as a little girl obsessing over "Let's Dance" and day...



Terror knows many forms. It could be the ghost in your bed (or head), the leering Uncle, the power-mad authority figure, the religious zealot basking in willful ignorance or, perhaps, most terrifying of all, you. There is a potential killer in every single one of us....



There are men with careers. Filmmakers, lawyers, publicists, journalists, etc etc. Then there was Albert Zugsmith. A renaissance man who both imploded and exploded the term, Zugsmith trademarked the phrase “Beat Generation” before any of the legitimate beats could, re...




                       “In six days, God created Heaven and Earth. On day seven, he killed himself.”


The nature of life and when it is snuffed out by one's own hands is, like anything else that is barnacled to th...



The best kind of fairy tales are the ones where the magic is tinged with melancholy, where bits of fantasy are frayed with the unvarnished reality of our existence. After all, magic is truly everywhere but is always darkened with our own damaged human nature. James...


The ballad of the neglected middle-aged man is one that has often been written in innumerable books and pieces of cinema. Throw in a frigid, emotional battering ram of a wife, a precocious and slightly rebelious teenage daughter off in the distance and a physically all...



The world of rock & roll cinema is chock full of colorful titles, cult favorites, creative hits (PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR) and misses (DU-BEAT-O, SGT PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND), but yet few are as strange and equally as obscure as Herbert C...

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