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There once was a gift to the American television landscape and that gift was called local or public access. The act of truly democratizing a small part of the airwaves by, with some technical training and a lot of ingenuity, letting anyone have a show. This included re...



Nothing was supposed to go wrong...


If ever there was a halcyon era for the B movie, it was the 1980s. Part of this boon was due, no doubt, to the advent of both home video and cable TV. Both avenues grew from available to a smaller part of the population (and in th...


“Switch on the TV we may pick him up on channel two

Look out your window I can see his light

If we can sparkle he may land tonight”

David Bowie “Starman”

There are certain actors that shine a light in everything they are in. The material is helpful but can also be immat...


Greetings and Happy 2019!

It's been a stone-age since I have last added new content to this site, as you may or may not have noticed. Between the last update and now, I have appeared on a few episodes of The Projection Booth, including discussing John Houston's FAT CIT...


Adventure and warmth. What are your first memories of such a twin combo? For me and many-a-folk, it comes in the form of Commander USA. As someone who grew up never being really moved by comic book heroes, Commander USA was a bit different for me! There was always a wi...


A movie can often be a magical tool to transport you to a multitude of worlds and alternate realms. Lands with braggadocios knights, golden-eyed monsters, she-devils, and heroic amazons can all be displayed in front of your willing eyes. When you sit down to watch a Do...


In the world of music, there are fans, there are pretenders and the genuinely gifted. Nestled within that Matrushka type formation is an even smaller group. The royal few who forge a new wheel out of ash, soot, blood, and heart. Forget re-inventing it. These are the ca...


Greetings from the Hinterlands! As many of us in North America are getting more and more sludged into the swells of Summer, only a cool glass of updates can possibly soothe this heat.

For those of you who love the edges of film where arthouse, sleaze-house and the under...

“Another creature there/somewhere there/ behind the pane/another living soul/
one other living soul” – Samuel Beckett, Rockaby

There are plenty of histories of music and musicians but there is no history of listening and not a single biography of a great listener exists...


 “When you're all alone, what do you want to do? 
Do you want to die or is it the strangeness in me?”
-The Cramps 

The melancholia of a murderer is a theme that has often been borderline taboo for writers and filmmakers alike to explore. Broad strokes of a cold-he...


Romanticism is one of the deadliest nightshades and nowhere does it bleed brightest than the arts. The doomed writer. The drug addled musician. The booze soaked painter. The spectrum of passion and life snuffed out by a drink, a snort, a poke and the metaphorical dance...

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